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We are Christians. Christians just like those first century disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed." We seek only to follow the words and instructions of Jesus and the inspired men who wrote the Bible.

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2016 Fall Gospel Meeting

All are invited to attend our 2016 Fall Gospel Meeting with Chad Lynn of Huntington, WV. 

The meeting begins Wednesday, September 21 and continues through Sunday, September 25. 

Wednesday (7:30 PM): "Discipleship: Counting the Cost"

Thursday (7:30 PM): "Discipleship: When Tested"

Friday (7:30 PM): "Discipleship: The Nature of Repentance"

Saturday (6:30 PM): "Discipleship: What We See Ab0ut God"

Sunday (9:30 AM): "Heaven: A Home Worth Everything"

Sunday (approximately 11:00 AM): "Ungrateful Hearts"

Please join us!

Saturday December 10 2016

Old Testament: Daniel 2-3 Daniel 2-3

(Daily Reading, ESV)